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We are a team of highly motivated and talented individuals that come together to develop and publish fun mobile games for iOS and Android devices. Our portfolio of games, including Bear Blitz, Solitaire Classic, Tanks of Fury, and Pocket Sodoku hav‍‍‍e had millions of downloads with this number climbing rapidly.

Our team is based out of Ottawa, Canada, where we are consistently looking for great talent to join our collaborative team.

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We are more than just a one trick pony. We have a very talented team with unique expertise that allows us to do many things. Best part? We do them all very well.

Our founder, Vicki Iverson, has spear-headed the technical development of Iversoft Solutions to include over 100 published apps, a portfolio of 15 original IP games, and a client base that spans the globe. With the company's consistent growth, Iversoft expanded to include two business divisions: an app agency and a game studio.

It is so important to stay up to date on what is going on in the game's world. We are constantly improving our practices, testing new methods, and bringing new ideas to life. If it's the next big thing in the gaming industry, you better believe we're looking at it!


Our team is made up of some very inspiring and experienced individuals. With experience in building beautiful, profitable games, we've got the knowledge and skills to bring your idea to fruition.


Not only do we build awesome mobile games, we also build Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality games and experiences. Cutting edge and customizable, VR is unlike anything you have experienced before. Immersion at it's finest.

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We are not just a games studio. We also build apps. At Iversoft Solutions, we build custom apps and websites for businesses looking to take their mobile strategy to the next level.

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