You are tasked with a mission to explore a strange new planet. You will need on this quest to scour the land of its secrets; so we have given you the ability to recruit local alien races. They will help you find new supplies and colonize the planet.

Alien Adventurer is an incremental clicker game with an awesome sci-fi theme. You can hire many different alien races to gain supplies in order to ‍‍‍hire even more aliens! Recruit Overlords to manage the aliens for you, so you can make money when you are offline. Running out of supplies? Go through a black hole to time warp back in time and start all over again (but this time with ancient relics that will help with your supply income).

Hello Commander!

Alien Adventurer

Our newest incremental clicker game, Alien Adventurer is the sci-fi game you've been waiting for.

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Iversoft develops for both iOS and Android platforms.

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